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An Ode To Gulzar

19th August was the 79th birthday of the most prolific lyricist, poet, script writer, film maker etc. Mr. Sampooran Singh Kalra who is known by his pen name GULZAR and as an admirer of his unique skills, my ode to the person:

अधूरा सम्पूर्ण के तलाश मे

सम्पुर्ण से जलता हूँ मैं,

वो रहता हैं सूफ़ियों के साथ औरउसके पड़ोस मे रहतें हैं ग़ालिब,टागॉर,कबीर,विली और ना जाने कौन-कौन.

कभी ग़ालिब बिरियानी खिलाते हैं तो कभी कबीर खिचरी, विली भी सवेरे सवेरे-सवेरे कॉफी पे बुलाते हैं,टागॉर के साथ माच-भात का लंच रोज़ चलता हैं.

क़लम माँगा था उधार पे, इनकार कर दिया, क्यों के क़लम के कजरा से वो बीड़ी जलाते हैं.

अजीब हरकतें करता हैं, कभी फूल को चड्डी पहानके खिलाता हैं, कभी दिल से पर्सनल सा सवाल करता हैं, कभी बल्लिमारान मे बड़ी बी के दुपट्टाका कोना खिचता हैं, कभी ‘किनारा’ पे बैठ कर ‘आँधी’ की ‘खुश्बू’ लेता हैं, जिनसे उसका ‘परिचय’ भी नही.

उसकी छेड़खानी से तंग आ चुका हूँ मैं,

वो मुर्दा लाश को कैसे उतारा जाएँ उसका बेओरा देता हैं कहीं और फिर कहीं पड़ोसी का लिहाप की गर्मी महसूस करने का नसीहत देता हैं.

वो लब्ज़ों के जज़्बात के साथ गुलच्छर्रे उड़ाता हैं, और अपने आप को गुलज़ार कहता हैं.

सम्पूर्ण से जलता हूँ मैं, क्यॉंके मैं अधूरा हूँ!


Maa Tujhe Salaam

“Maa tujhe salaam”!

A foetus is borne for 9 months inside a womb of a woman and in this period it is wrapped under the warmth of the womb, fed through mother’s blood and grows inside the most protected surroundings. After around 9 months it comes out of the warmth to the brutal reality. The child is born. Immediately after the birth of a child it should be nearer to the bosom of the mother so, it still gets the warmth of the mother’s body and when it’s able to withstand the ambience it’s taken away from the mother.

Nature is poised in such a manner that only a woman can bear a child. Mother and child’s relationship is the most pious.

Now there is a competition to mar that relationship by destroying the mothers either before they are born by foeticide by illegally detecting the gender of the foetus or spoiling their lives after they are born by those who also have come to this world through a mother. The nature is being challenged through this brutal act.

We have enough miseries like poverty, population, lack of education, unemployment etc. and this epidemic of rape has suddenly taken a dangerous shape. It is not a new phenomenon in our society as the demonic mind set is always persistent. You may recall that there was a case of custodial rape in Mathura in 1972 of a minor tribal girl of 16 years by 2 policemen. The lower court atrociously exonerated the guilty stating that in tribal culture it is a normal matter and the victim must be used to it! The apex court also acquitted the alleged guilty in absence of enough evidence. Ironically we had a lady PM then.

Sigmund Freud had taught us about Id, Ego & Super Ego. But, unfortunately Id is still more prevalent and Ego & Super Ego have no place in some persons’ psyche.

Social stigma, religious teaching and even fear of god also cannot deter this creed of men who do not even leave children from their heinous acts.

Are we extending enough respect, care, love and protection to our mothers?

It is time we stopped politics at least on these types of legal matters and take action which is apt & just.

I salute the women for their immense strength, courage, boundless affection and love.

Ligua Franca

‘Q0’! My 70 year old aunt has no clue of this, neither do I, when she showed this on her facebook! This is a comment made on her facebook on their photograph which she has recently uploaded.

We all started guessing on the meaning of this unique abbreviation or shortened expression. But, no perfect meaning appeared!

Few decades ago whenever we wanted to shorten any word for fun or used to reverse the pronunciation of words as a codified language amongst the friends (we’d really mastered the skill), teachers or parents would immediately berate our endeavour. They would consider this as belittling or de-meaning of the language.

The word ‘slang’ was considered as abusive. Therefore, if you have used a shortened word that was an abuse!

Now, ‘you’ has been shortened to ‘u’, ‘happy’ is : ), ‘sad’ is : (, etc, etc ,etc.

Are we trying to use sign language or is grammar becoming obsolete?

Wonder, has anyone addressed ‘William Shakespeare’ as ‘Bill’ or ‘Willy’ or ‘Her Highness’ as ‘Liz’?  

Who could imagine that the successors of  ‘Columbus’ have shrunk the languages of his continent in such a manner that the Imperial ‘thee’ has curled up to ‘u’, ‘Colour’ has got discoloured & dehydrated to ‘Color’ and many more.

In this era of technology in information, we tend to speed up the process of communication by shortening the medium itself. If this trend continues, we may experience that the ‘words of expression’ are getting shrunk to ‘alphabets of expression’.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Veni, Vidi, Vici:

“I came, I saw, I conquered”, understandably Julius Caesar uttered after winning a battle!

This became a slogan for all the winners especially the Olympians.

Indians are aware of this catchphrase and also the meaning. But, 1.25 billion of population with 35% below 20 years of age seldom gets the opportunity to use this unique tagline!


‘Hockey’ was the forte when merely 10 countries used to play it and as the more countries started playing the supremacy diminished. India is nearly at the nadir today!

‘Cricket’ is being played by around 15 countries today and we are ranked No. 2. Inclusion of more countries may also expose our efficiency like Hockey.

In last 100 years one may take around 10 names who have excelled in physical sports in India and they were not worthy competition of other countries.

Is it the physical ability, mental strength or will to win? What is the reason for this poor ability in physical activities? Pundits may write reams analysing the reasons or negate the very thought by putting it beneath the carpet, as usual!

Also wonder, why Mahatma Gandhi was the most successful political leader of India when there were many leaders who were also his contemporaries and efficient? What was it that Gandhiji had, others did not? Understand, it is his understanding of the psyche of Indians and thus his theory of ‘Ahimsa’ succeeded. The psyche is to get beaten up and not to beat, exploit the conscience of the beater, play a mind game with the oppressor, don’t harm physically! Simple was his understanding of his people that they cannot physically defeat others but compete mentally.

There is a pride in Indians that they have never invaded any country but, only defended. Is it also not due to insufficient physical capability which has compelled the Indians to not to indulge in such bravado!

With such mentality it is indeed difficult to win a physical activity. Therefore, all are happy when a runner misses a bronze by a whisker or a shooter wins gold, silver or bronze or a badminton player gets a bronze.

This is not criticism but an endeavour to assess the psyche!

Absolute Truth

These thoughts are basically stray and my own creation:

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore in one of his innumerable poems wonders with amusement about the hidden secrets of nature. Gurudev, in his unique poetic style casts the questions about the creation of all aspects of nature in a very systematic and beautifully balanced way! Reams of papers written on this query by thousands of poets, philosophers, thinkers & writers. But, no specific answers on this basic question of existence and our being! The reasons of our birth, our life and the eventual exit or death from the present being! Many such questions must be arising to all rational minds and lead those to seek answer from more learned, awakened and wiser souls. Some get satisfied with replies and responses they get and some come back disillusioned and continue the seeking. There is a third and the largest group, who do not seek such answers as they neither question nor get perturbed by these unusual thoughts. They continue walking on the same path of belief as laid by their forefathers without any question. 

Now the big question is that which path do we take? Path of seeking or path of contentment, being happy and fulfilled the way, we are? Most would not bother to break away from the path of traditions set by the forefathers but, some would certainly seek the truth. Most of the ancient scriptures have actually advised the seekers to seek the ‘absolute truth’! What is ‘absolute truth’???? Here comes the ‘absolute confusion’! No one has yet given a perfect solution to this confusion and hence, the seeking is on………. All established beliefs, sects, groups have their own definitions and solutions but, none is actually clearing the confusion!

The first confusion is, is the truth absolute or relative?

Then, should we really seek the truth or is our basic existence itself a truth?

Whatever we see, experience and perceive……are they truth?

These basic questions are always tricky and difficult and no one seems to have any reply to these questions. Hence, we are left with the eternal interrogatory exclamation?!

Knowledge may be the only solution to this confusion and knowledge can only be acquired through education and education can be extracted only from experience. Therefore, experiencing and learning from the experience is the most important aspect for all the living beings.

If we take ’Big Bang’ & subsequently ‘Darwinian Evolution’ as the most scientific theories of our existence in the form presently we are, we should believe the the emergence of Homo sapiens as a distinct species of hominids (“great apes”). During the journey of evolution from Genus->Tribe->Subfamily->Family->Superfamily the species which turned out to be Homo sapiens from Apes realized the need for coexistence to combat and survive in the cruel animal kingdom. Hence, the togetherness emerges for self defence and self discipline! Self defence was imperative but self discipline was the need of the hour as the species was upgrading itself through a tedious and time consuming process of evolution and thus, the instinctive attributes should be done away with and new system of disciplines should be inculcated. This realization and need to eradicate the chaos of animal kingdom lead to establishment of society the ‘rules-for-co-existence’. Else, what would you call an offspring produced by a father & daughter or a son & mother? Therefore, to avoid the societal confusion and chaos, the elevated and evolved species called ‘homo sapiens’ the modern ‘human being’ set few rules & regulations along with the obvious ‘penal system’! Punishments can be physical or mental as per the ‘Sin’ or ‘Guilt’. Physical punishment is apparent and instant but, the sense of repentance is also short-lived. The Further evolved society realized that the mental punishment is long-lasting with deeper impact on the ‘psyche’ of the ‘Sinner’ or ‘Guilty’! Now, what can be a proper and apt mental punishment for the wrong-doers? What we fear or dread the most………….?  The unknown, the unseen and the darkness as we cannot see through the darkness! So, if a sinner or guilty can be warned about the unseen or unknown or darkness, he would be dreaded as he would not be able to comprehend or perceive the eventuality! Here comes the obvious and inevitable role of the unknown and unseen and thus, the realization of the trend, commonly known as ‘God’ begins! This is the beginning and as the evolutions keep on enhancing the power of thought and the increased demand of thought increases the flow of oxygen to the thinking organ ‘brain’……”Adam eventually bites the wisdom fruit” and the questions start coming in well fuelled brains about the basic being and systematic coordination of the peripheral atmosphere. From Adam to the latest well equipped human race via Plato, Aristotle, Epitectus, Shakespeare, Tagore, Freud and others, the same questions are wandering in the human minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Between the periods of the first lot of evolved homo sapiens and Plato a lot of physical evolutions occurred on this unique planet and lot of geographical disintegration and shifting took place. Thus, the basic group of the species of ‘homo sapiens’ also got disintegrated with the land masses and continued evolving under different geographical conditions! Therefore, different races of the same species getting established at different places and according to the atmospheric condition they are evolving and changing to come to new physical forms. Thus the several races are evolving like Negroid, Capoid, Mongoloid, Australoid & Caucasoid. Later on several other mixed races also start evolving. During the establishment of these races at their respective regions, their physical & psychological needs and requirements are also evolving accordingly. Once the basic necessities like food, shelter & reproduction are getting fulfilled the psychological desires emerge and thus, the wandering wonders about the nature. 

To understand the nature and its wonders human races have been striving and trying to unearth the secrets for ages. While unearthing the secrets they have been finding lot of new areas which were not known to them like fire, eclipse etc. Nature has always been a mystery for the human races and thus, the questions how, why and the most importantly who is the architect of these mysteries which are beyond humane comprehension. Here starts the search of the creator of these unique creations…………….

Humans have already derived a phenomenon which they have named as per their convenience and what is as per their presumption the ultimate penalising instrument….. Thus, the convenient conclusion is that these creations are created by ‘the creator’ what is unknown and unseen and beyond our reach….  These presumptions converted into beliefs and the beliefs have been converted into group activities. Here the idea of religion has been conceived as social groups under different geographical situations and conditions and the believers who feel that there is a super power which is divine and controlling everything start using the newly found belief on unseen and unknown as penal system to discipline the societies. Simultaneously the endeavours of logic and reasoning come as off-shoots and the seeking to know the ‘absolute truth’!

Strange may be these stray thoughts but, indeed make all thoughtful about our own existence and being! We generally do not get a formidable reply in our life time and keep searching the ‘absolute truth’ tirelessly without much success!!!!

Stray Thoughts

The relationship between men & nature has always been haunting me since my teens. I remember writing a small article then in my mother tongue regarding my quest to unearth the purpose of our being and life and ironically the same is still un-answered. As Harry Belafonte was asking about the “Birds & Bees” I also have the same query about the “Men & Nature”!

We come to existence due to some organic reactions because of ‘orgasms’ or ‘organism’. As the chromosomes meet we come in to being and as the umbilical chord is severed we become physically individuals.  The individual emerges as selfishly that just after the warmth of the womb & the mother’s lap it starts its demands for independence. The rebellious being after its all battles and struggles for independence realizes that the whole struggle is futile and meaningless. The existence itself is fragile, weak and breakable and thus the balance and caution is imperative.

Nevertheless, this is known to all but still the top most crust of the living being is still die to live while they all eventually live to die. Then, why this ‘Kolaveri’ and the so called ‘struggle for existence’?   All along the life the greed for more and cry for better never seem to cease or take a back seat. Is it the basic instinct we are born with for sheer survival or we acquire it by the influence of the surroundings. We attribute this greed, this uncanny desire to acquire everything which we presume that we deserve or our own as our birth right or our earnings. On not getting the greedy desires we blame everything mostly on the unseen, unfelt and the unreachable and most overused terminology called ‘GOD’.

Even the unique greed to achieve god is also phenomenal.  I remember one incident regarding the overbearing greed of human beings to seek or achieve god when I had experienced a huge, nearly 100 KM long procession of people walking to a religious shrine to offer their worship on an auspicious day, which I was given to understand would wash away their sins and help them to establish a seat in heaven. Was I amazed or bemused? I don’t know…………but I am sure that if this ocean of people were asked to go and serve a down trodden, flood or famine struck village of fellow human beings, may be a mere 5% would have also not got convinced to extend their service……. strange is the belief and stranger is the action!

These questions are always lingering in my mind since the adolescence, without an answer, like our old friend Harry Belafonte did never get his reply about the ‘Bird & Bee’ either from his father or from Sigmund Freud!


Love to all.


Partha Deb

Prevalence of Cancer in Eastern India

For last few weeks my wife and I are engaged with my friend’s niece’s treatment of PAPILLARY CARCINOMA OF THYROID at Tata Memorial Hospital. This is another case of cancer treatment which we have engaged ourselves and thus, our visits to TMH! Wonder, why this disease is so prevalent with the communities of Eastern India? As per my apparent guess minimum 60-70% patients coming to TMH for treatment are from Bengal or the North Eastern states and my ignorant question to all is why this dreaded disease called cancer has spread its draconian wings on these states more? Is it the food habits, life styles, water, atmosphere, psyche or a blend of all of these is the reason for this? I asked few doctors also but, yet to get a reasonable answer!

I seek a reply on this from the readers of this blog.


Partha Deb