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Prevalence of Cancer in Eastern India

December 29, 2011

For last few weeks my wife and I are engaged with my friend’s niece’s treatment of PAPILLARY CARCINOMA OF THYROID at Tata Memorial Hospital. This is another case of cancer treatment which we have engaged ourselves and thus, our visits to TMH! Wonder, why this disease is so prevalent with the communities of Eastern India? As per my apparent guess minimum 60-70% patients coming to TMH for treatment are from Bengal or the North Eastern states and my ignorant question to all is why this dreaded disease called cancer has spread its draconian wings on these states more? Is it the food habits, life styles, water, atmosphere, psyche or a blend of all of these is the reason for this? I asked few doctors also but, yet to get a reasonable answer!

I seek a reply on this from the readers of this blog.


Partha Deb


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  1. Santanu D. Deb permalink

    Congratulations! Very good. could have been little more fluid and lucid. more clarity of message is required. keep it up. expecting more of this.

  2. santanu permalink

    Good observation and a very pertinent question, but unfortunately I have no answer. I do not know why, but I do not like reading anything on disease. Call it escapism.

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