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Stray Thoughts

February 28, 2012

The relationship between men & nature has always been haunting me since my teens. I remember writing a small article then in my mother tongue regarding my quest to unearth the purpose of our being and life and ironically the same is still un-answered. As Harry Belafonte was asking about the “Birds & Bees” I also have the same query about the “Men & Nature”!

We come to existence due to some organic reactions because of ‘orgasms’ or ‘organism’. As the chromosomes meet we come in to being and as the umbilical chord is severed we become physically individuals.  The individual emerges as selfishly that just after the warmth of the womb & the mother’s lap it starts its demands for independence. The rebellious being after its all battles and struggles for independence realizes that the whole struggle is futile and meaningless. The existence itself is fragile, weak and breakable and thus the balance and caution is imperative.

Nevertheless, this is known to all but still the top most crust of the living being is still die to live while they all eventually live to die. Then, why this ‘Kolaveri’ and the so called ‘struggle for existence’?   All along the life the greed for more and cry for better never seem to cease or take a back seat. Is it the basic instinct we are born with for sheer survival or we acquire it by the influence of the surroundings. We attribute this greed, this uncanny desire to acquire everything which we presume that we deserve or our own as our birth right or our earnings. On not getting the greedy desires we blame everything mostly on the unseen, unfelt and the unreachable and most overused terminology called ‘GOD’.

Even the unique greed to achieve god is also phenomenal.  I remember one incident regarding the overbearing greed of human beings to seek or achieve god when I had experienced a huge, nearly 100 KM long procession of people walking to a religious shrine to offer their worship on an auspicious day, which I was given to understand would wash away their sins and help them to establish a seat in heaven. Was I amazed or bemused? I don’t know…………but I am sure that if this ocean of people were asked to go and serve a down trodden, flood or famine struck village of fellow human beings, may be a mere 5% would have also not got convinced to extend their service……. strange is the belief and stranger is the action!

These questions are always lingering in my mind since the adolescence, without an answer, like our old friend Harry Belafonte did never get his reply about the ‘Bird & Bee’ either from his father or from Sigmund Freud!


Love to all.


Partha Deb


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  1. We are all born free and innocent,
    but grow up to be greedy and intolerant.
    Liked your post. May your stray thoughts stir us up.

  2. baba permalink

    wonderful thought provoking article.really proud of you.

  3. baba permalink

    love all love ma[god]

  4. Bitty permalink

    Most of us wonder about these things. Few of us put our thoughts down in words. Congrats on being able to do that and stimulate all of us to ponder Dada! Love …..

  5. pranab da permalink

    Vision & thought should propagate with a classical tune which differs being to being, class to class, grade to grade. Sense & views, driven with a special zeal, may enhance the efficiency as well as effectiveness of maintaining the globally harmonized system. Classifying the communication elements between the life & the soul, it has become evident that staying under the cloud of every living objects is rather depressing and shoddy, but efforts are being made to render it more cheerful. The very word “effort” has an essence to blow off all sorts of agony and its immense power with life-affirming vision is nothing but a womb of fire inside the soul which ever lits up concerning with flow of life.

    Within The Nature’s kingdom, there is a statutory framework on participatory processes in respect of responsibility and accountability of all the living being. Their entire life-cycle are designed and fragmented by the Absolute Being i.e. the Creator having an immense pleasure through emanation. No embargo can be imposed on the almighty Creator whose power of vision can only to be assessed through super natural means.

  6. Aditi permalink

    gud thought Dada. It is gr8 that u r able to pen down ur thougths some of us just keep it in our minds. Love…

  7. Gautam permalink

    It all kicked off like the ‘tranquil brow of a wood-land stream’, meandering in its flow, in a placid way, but somehow garnered pace and plunged like the Niagra, culminating amidst a lot of gutso and froth.
    A promising piece of literature, painstakingly crafted and surely leaves behind lot of expectations.
    Dear Bro, as we are aware, the shortest distance between two destinations is a straight line, in one word, displacement. That is possibly the best route to carve, if given an option…..
    ”Know thyself”……….thirst for such inexplicable queries may only be quenched therein…….

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