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Veni, Vidi, Vici

August 8, 2012

Veni, Vidi, Vici:

“I came, I saw, I conquered”, understandably Julius Caesar uttered after winning a battle!

This became a slogan for all the winners especially the Olympians.

Indians are aware of this catchphrase and also the meaning. But, 1.25 billion of population with 35% below 20 years of age seldom gets the opportunity to use this unique tagline!


‘Hockey’ was the forte when merely 10 countries used to play it and as the more countries started playing the supremacy diminished. India is nearly at the nadir today!

‘Cricket’ is being played by around 15 countries today and we are ranked No. 2. Inclusion of more countries may also expose our efficiency like Hockey.

In last 100 years one may take around 10 names who have excelled in physical sports in India and they were not worthy competition of other countries.

Is it the physical ability, mental strength or will to win? What is the reason for this poor ability in physical activities? Pundits may write reams analysing the reasons or negate the very thought by putting it beneath the carpet, as usual!

Also wonder, why Mahatma Gandhi was the most successful political leader of India when there were many leaders who were also his contemporaries and efficient? What was it that Gandhiji had, others did not? Understand, it is his understanding of the psyche of Indians and thus his theory of ‘Ahimsa’ succeeded. The psyche is to get beaten up and not to beat, exploit the conscience of the beater, play a mind game with the oppressor, don’t harm physically! Simple was his understanding of his people that they cannot physically defeat others but compete mentally.

There is a pride in Indians that they have never invaded any country but, only defended. Is it also not due to insufficient physical capability which has compelled the Indians to not to indulge in such bravado!

With such mentality it is indeed difficult to win a physical activity. Therefore, all are happy when a runner misses a bronze by a whisker or a shooter wins gold, silver or bronze or a badminton player gets a bronze.

This is not criticism but an endeavour to assess the psyche!


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  1. Aditi permalink

    nice and thoughtful and indeed very true

  2. santanu permalink

    You are absolutely right. Ahimsa is grossly misunderstood in the land of Buddha ( I mean Gautam Buddha, not that loin cloth clad buddha) . Ahimsa is a strength possessed by stronger people. A man of strength who is compassionate, benevolent and benefactor of weaker people is a real follower of Ahimsa. Ahimsa does not teach you to turn the other cheek to be slapped. Meek surrender to oppression and exploitation is cowardice not ahimsa. An Indian’s heroism, courage and aggression start and end only against a weaker opponent, he is ever ready to surrender meekly to an opposition who hits back.
    India do not deserve more than this. Each and every Indian, without any exception, today is self-centred, selfish, greedy, corrupt and coward.
    Father of Indian patriotism, nationalism, self-esteem and also the spiritual father of Indian freedom movement who said ” I would like the Indian youth to play football than read Geeta” , today is reduced to the stature of only a ‘Hindu Monk’.
    I do not really expect anything better from these people.

  3. Pranab Sinha Chowdhury permalink

    “Don’t make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion. Don’t take emotion till it covers you up.”

    In line with the above philosophy, evaluation shall be carried out through sustainable intensification and diversification of the system which is prevailing since Independence. All sorts of scarcity on the key issues that threaten to cripple the efforts towards holistic development of India. The famine of commitment is not due to lack of aggression but due to the massive prevalence of widespread hunger for money rather than fame. An uncontrolled degradation of human attitude may lead to a deleterious activity and ultimate sort of deliverance has gone to divest of human qualities. A delinquent troop all time prefers to stand back.

    As India celebrates it’s 65th year of independence, the urgency to find out the key factors for the growth of a nation is still lying under the carpet of the Great Sea. We need to understand that isolated attempts may not bring in glorious redemption at any international arena.

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