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Maa Tujhe Salaam

March 8, 2013

“Maa tujhe salaam”!

A foetus is borne for 9 months inside a womb of a woman and in this period it is wrapped under the warmth of the womb, fed through mother’s blood and grows inside the most protected surroundings. After around 9 months it comes out of the warmth to the brutal reality. The child is born. Immediately after the birth of a child it should be nearer to the bosom of the mother so, it still gets the warmth of the mother’s body and when it’s able to withstand the ambience it’s taken away from the mother.

Nature is poised in such a manner that only a woman can bear a child. Mother and child’s relationship is the most pious.

Now there is a competition to mar that relationship by destroying the mothers either before they are born by foeticide by illegally detecting the gender of the foetus or spoiling their lives after they are born by those who also have come to this world through a mother. The nature is being challenged through this brutal act.

We have enough miseries like poverty, population, lack of education, unemployment etc. and this epidemic of rape has suddenly taken a dangerous shape. It is not a new phenomenon in our society as the demonic mind set is always persistent. You may recall that there was a case of custodial rape in Mathura in 1972 of a minor tribal girl of 16 years by 2 policemen. The lower court atrociously exonerated the guilty stating that in tribal culture it is a normal matter and the victim must be used to it! The apex court also acquitted the alleged guilty in absence of enough evidence. Ironically we had a lady PM then.

Sigmund Freud had taught us about Id, Ego & Super Ego. But, unfortunately Id is still more prevalent and Ego & Super Ego have no place in some persons’ psyche.

Social stigma, religious teaching and even fear of god also cannot deter this creed of men who do not even leave children from their heinous acts.

Are we extending enough respect, care, love and protection to our mothers?

It is time we stopped politics at least on these types of legal matters and take action which is apt & just.

I salute the women for their immense strength, courage, boundless affection and love.


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  1. Safal permalink

    Agreed with your suggestion

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